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There is something sleek, clean, and sophisticated about a K9 Team working together in perfect harmony.  K9 Teams often use a "long line" for various operational duties. Lines or leashes vary in length from a few feet to over 50+ feet, and are held by the handler while connected to a dogs collar or harness. Highly trained K9 Teams can communicate silently and tactically through just the feeling of the "long line". 

Light Roast (upper end of the light roast level)

100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Arabica Coffee

Single Origin Beans from Mexico (Oaxaca Region)

Our Long line light roast is a fair trade, organically grown coffee that comes from the southwest region of Mexico. Fertile soils 1500+ meters above the Pacific Ocean allow these beans to grow to a distinguished flavor profile unique to Mexico.

Low acidity with notes of light fruit, mellow chocolate, caramel all wrapped together with a mild spicy undertone. 

Makes a fantastic iced coffee, or anyone looking for that slightly lighter, brighter more floral cup.