K9 Coffee Mission Ready Medium Roast Organic Coffee

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Smooth & Rich; the fuel from this roast will ensure you're "Mission Ready". Canadian K9 Teams work from coast to coast, from major cities to the most remote communities. Teams are often called out and expected to work through unpredictable and unforgiving environments. K9 Teams need to be "Mission Ready" 24/7/365. 

Our unique 365 gram weight for each package has been carefully selected to pay respect to all the K9's that must remain "Mission Ready 365 days a year". 

Medium Roast

100% Certified Organic, Fairtrade, Arabica Coffee

Single Origin Colombian Beans

Our Mission Ready is roasted to a medium level just past the first crack. Quality beans are organically grown and imported from Colombia. South American countries in the "Coffee Bean Belt" produce some of the world's most balanced and consistent coffee beans due to their rich fertile soil, higher altitude, and humid rain forests. 

Our medium roast is sure to please, as it is mild enough for most but still boosts those bolder flavours of chocolate, butter caramel, and toasted nuts.

With well rounded flavours and a clean aftertaste this brew will ensure you are "Mission Ready" to take on whatever surprises your day has waiting for you.