FirstSpear Siege-R Optimized Plate Carrier

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  • 6/12™ laser fusion platform
  • Rapid-release Tubes technology
  • Loop field on front and back panels
  • Internal bellyband (removable)
  • Accepts SPEAR BALCS Cut Soft Armor-same size as carrier (Soft Armor Not Included)
  • Accepts SAPI, Swimmer/Shooter, and/or Full Size Plates-same size as carrier (Plates Not Included)

The standard shoulder pads are padded and fully adjustable, including two sets of Tubes in the front and back for rapid switch-out to the enhanced MASS Shoulder System. The front and back plate pockets are internal to the vest, making the system slimmer and better suited for confined & tubular spaces.

The internal bellyband is now removable for those who do not wish to use it all the time. The exterior cummerbund is enhanced in the back with the new FirstSpear High-Performance elastic webbing. Finally, the quick-drying airflow mesh is utilized on the interior to reduce overall weight and shed water quickly. The new Siege-R truly is Optimized for all missions and conditions!