FirstSpear Helmet Cover - OPS-CORE - FAST

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Individually sized and 100% fit tested the FirstSpear Helmet Cover is designed to fit either the Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Helmet or the Ops-Core FAST Maritime Helmet.  A stretch fit ensures that it remains in place during free fall or rotary wing operations and key areas of the cover have been manufactured to allow access to night vision mounts and rail accessories. Loop is positioned in other locations for attachment of IFF capabilities. Perfect for changing your helmet’s pattern, preserving its finish and dampening noise during impact.

This helmet cover will work on both ballistic and non-ballistic helmets (carbon/base jump), but when using on the non-ballistic helmets you need to go one size smaller than the helmet. When ordering, please enter what style and size helmet you have and we will send the appropriate size helmet cover to fit the helmet specified. When receiving, if you have a base jump or carbon jump helmet you will be sent a helmet cover one size smaller than your helmet.


  • Designed to work with the Ops-Core Fast Ballistic and Maritime helmets
  • Stretch fit
  • Allows access to night vision mounts and rail accessories
  • Loop for attachment of IFF capabilities
  • Dampens noise during impact

Helmet Sizing

  • Small/Medium = Medium
  • Medium/Large = Large
  • Large/XL = XL