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AR-1 Starter Kit — CANA Provisions



The AR-1 was designed as the first and most crucial component of the modular CANA ECOSYSTEM. While designed to pressurize and drive the ecosystem, the AR-1 was designed to first and foremost STAND ALONE. Whether you’re moving on foot, on two wheels, four wheels, setting up camp or in your backyard the AR-1 is expressly designed to meet your water transfer needs. From source to container, container to container, pressurizing a pre-plumbed system or feeding a filter - MOVING WATER is what the AR-1 does. No more hand pumping, no more siphoning, no more dunking containers in the pond. Its application is limited only by your imagination.


AR-1 Starter Kit — CANA ProvisionsAR-1 Starter Kit — CANA Provisions


  • IP65 Enclosure

  • Recessed Switch

  • Power Present LED Indicator

  • Anderson 15-45A Connectors

  • User serviceable 10A SAE Fuse

  • Machined HDPE Chassis

  • Crash hardened

  • Vibration dampened

  • Near Silent Operation

  • Provided on-board power and accessory storage




  • Overall Dimensions: 9”(L)x8.37”(W)x5.5”(H)

  • Total system weight: 9lbs 3oz

    • Pump Alone: 6lbs 8.5oz

    • Intake and outlet hoses alone: 2lbs 2.5oz

  • Pumps 3.0-3.7 gallons per minute (11.3LPM)

  • Adjustable Pressure up to 55psi

  • Pulls 3.5A at 12V during operation

    • 7.5A max, fuse protected

  • Intake and Outlet hoses are 5/8” ID

  • CANA Provided in-line strainer: 50 mesh

  • CANA Provided pre-strainer: 35 mesh


CANA Provisions AR-1: A Portable Water Pump for Overlanding and Survival |  RECOIL OFFGRID


  • AR-1 Pump

  • 12V Accessory power cord with male connector

  • 10’ Intake hose with attached pre-strainer and QD connector

  • 5’ Output hose with QD connector

  • Two in-line strainers

  • User selectable and serviceable

  • 50mesh Intake Arm Strainer

  • 35 mesh Intake Hose Strainer

  • QD Hose attachments

  • Mesh carrying bag

  • Tethered QD inlet/outlet plugs

  • Battery Accessory Sleeve (elastic battery retention sleeve) installed on crash bar

  • Cana Anderson to DC barrel connector (2.1x5.5mm)

  • (OPTIONAL) Portable TalentCell Li-On rechargeable battery and charging cable available


  • The AR-1 is not intended to be treated as a filter. Do not drink water directly from the AR-1.

  • Before first use flush with 10-15gal of water or until water runs clear.

  • Do not pump flammable substances or caustic chemicals

  • Do not use pump in a flammable enviornment with a vapor ignition hazard

  • Do not submerge AR-1

  • Avoid drops of more than 4’ onto hard surfaces

  • Do not exceed 15V of input voltage

  • Please use AR-1 responsibly


OPTIONAL: Portable Li-On Rechargeable Batteries suitable for this pump can be purchased HERE