Velocity Systems Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit

Velocity Systems
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The Mayflower Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit (LVBOK) is a two-piece, ambidextrous individual first aid kit (IFAK). The base is a sleeve consisting of a 4-way stretch face with a Helium Whisper® backer for attaching to molle compatible equipment. The LVBOK is also belt mountable; this enables it to be worn in the small of the back for use as lumbar support when utilizing non-standard vehicles. The pouch is a clamshell design allowing easy access to the medical kit within. The pouch is removed from the sleeve from either side utilizing two plastic pulls; this provides a tactile difference when reaching for the pouch during limited visibility or when worn on the lower back. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

  • Two-piece, ambidextrous individual first aid kit (IFAK)
  • Helium Whisper® style attachment
  • Clamshell design allowing easy access
  • 100% Made in the USA