Smith's Axe & Machete Sharpener

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The handheld Axe & Machete Sharpener from Smith’s® is the perfect tool to use for keeping your axe, hatchet, or machete in prime condition. This simple and easy to use sharpener uses preset carbide blades to quickly put a smooth, sharp edge on both sides of your blade in just minutes. It has a cast aluminum sharpening head, soft grip handle, and oversized finger guards for safe and secure sharpening at all times.

  • Quickly sharpens with just a few easy pulls
  •     Axes
  •     Hatchet
  •      Machete
  • Durable, plastic head for easier sharpening
  • The oversized handle allows for use with gloves
  • Large safety guard
  • Cleaning brush with wire bristles stores in handle
  • Replaceable carbide blades Abrasives: Carbides - Coarse



CAUTION: Always wear heavy gloves and eye protection when cleaning or sharpening a blade with this product.

Clean the edge of your blade using the wire brush if needed. To remove brush, press on the end of brush closest to sharpening head to raise opposite end, then grasp the handle and remove from the cavity. (see Fig. 1)

CAUTION: Always push the brush across and away from the cutting edge when cleaning your blade. To replace brush after use, insert bristles of the brush into cavity first, then slide forward and push down until brush is fully inset in the handle. (see Fig. 2)

Secure your axe, hatchet, or machete blade by placing it in a vice with the cutting edge exposed. (see Fig. 3)

Position the head of the sharpener over one end of the blade, then lower the unit down so that the cutting edge is resting in the bottom of the V-shaped slot. Hold the sharpener as parallel to the cutting edge as possible. (see Fig. 4)

Apply moderate downward pressure and pull the sharpener over the cutting edge from one end to the other. Maintain constant pressure and follow the contour of the blade as you pull. (see Fig. 5)

CAUTION: Always keep all fingers behind the finger guard and never place freehand on top of the sharpener during use.

The first time you sharpen a ground edge with this sharpener or if you are sharpening a damaged edge, repeat this action approximately 15 – 20 pulls. Additional pulls may be required if the blade is made of very hard steel. If re-sharpening an edge that has previously been sharpened with this sharpener and is NOT damaged, it should only take approximately 10 – 15 pulls to restore sharpness. Again, additional pulls may be required if the blade is made of very hard steel.

NOTE: When the carbide blades in the head of the sharpener stop removing metal from the blade, they should be replaced. Contact Smith’s for replacement blades.