Scepter MFC Wrench

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for use on the Scepter Military Fuel Cans

Never again struggle to remove an over-tightened cap, a stuck cap on a swollen can or to remove a cap from a can with fouled threads!

  • Made in the USA.
  • Built from Glass-Reinforced Polymers for EXTREME durability.
  • The socket portion of the wrench is engineered to fit the Scepter Cap PERFECTLY, engaging a minimum of 90% of the cap's peaks to eliminate the possibility of any cap deformation from using the wrench. (Take a look at the pictures to see the perfect fit!)
  • Extended handle for greater LEVERAGE, to remove even the most stubborn caps.


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    Scepter MFC Wrench

    Posted by Jim on 2022 Jun 1st

    I can't believe I no longer have to carry a block of wood & a hammer to open the fuel cans on a hot day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    Top notch kit!

    Posted by KokuaDog on 2022 May 4th

    This has some heft but it is still lightweight (if that makes any sense). It's long enough to provide plenty of leverage for opening a stuck can or make a tight seal before overlanding.

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    Scepter MFC Wrench

    Posted by Dave Kornichuk on 2021 Aug 2nd

    Strong, perfect fit, provides good leverage to loosen/tighten the fuel cap. Fills the bill for this aging boomer that’s not as strong as he remembers.

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    Beefy and appears instructable

    Posted by Derek on 2021 Mar 4th

    Use a boot, brick, tree branch, BFH or just your hands to operate this wrench. I'm quite convinced that this will withstand just about any abuse. This is the beefiest plastic wrench I have ever seen. Overkill and overbuilt. Perfect.

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    Scepter MFC Wrench

    Posted by William Robinson on 2021 Jan 12th

    This wrench for the Scepter Military Fuel Can is a great accessory to have. It is very well made and makes tightly fastened caps child's play to removes. I am very happy with this purchase.

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    Posted by Mike on 2021 Jan 11th

    Solid product. Works well. I cannot imagine any long term issues. Expensive!