Persys Medical T3 Tactical Trauma Treatment Bandage

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The T3 Bandage provides a compact, multifunctional solution to treat a wide range of injuries. In addition to treating conventional, abdominal, amputations, and entrance/exit wounds, the bandage facilitates the cleaning, packing, covering, and compressing of single and multiple wounds. The T3 Bandage is a uniquely versatile tool, equipping providers with packing or wrapping gauze, and a non-pneumatic tourniquet in one compact package.

  • Multi-functional bandage for various wounds
  • Expandable sterile pad – effective dressing for severe wounds, burns, and amputations
  • Detachable sterile pad – effective dressing for entry/exit wounds and multiple wound locations
  • Folded gauze for cleaning/packing and dressing
  • Compact, lightweight, waterproof, vacuum-sealed packaging
  • Sterile, 8-year shelf life
  • Integral pressure applicator exerts immediate direct pressure to the wound
  • Built-in closure bar, no pins, no clips, no tape, no hook-and-loop, no knots
  • Non-adherent pad eliminates removal pain and wound re-opening
  • Compact and durable packaging
  • Ability to use as a non-pneumatic tourniquet

The T3 Bandage provides a multifunctional solution to treat a wide range of injuries in a compact package. In addition to treating conventional wounds, abdominal and large wounds, amputations, entrance/exit wounds and more, the bandage facilitates the cleaning, packing, covering, and compressing of single and multiple wounds.

  • This all-in-one bandage reduces the amount of equipment military
  • personnel carry and is suitable for first aid combat emergency kits. The bandage is easily applied by untrained personnel and makes an ideal personal field
  • dressing for every soldier.

The T3 Bandage features a large, fully expandable and detachable sterile pad, an elasticized cloth leader, easy to use pressure and closure bars, and gauze for cleaning and packing wounds or for use as a secondary dressing.



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    Excellent trauma bandage

    Posted by Unknown on 2021 Mar 27th

    An excellent version of the tried and true Israeli bandage with some great extra extra features. If I could only carry one piece of medical gear wherever I went it would be this.