Mean Gene Leather “SHOOTERS” Belt

Mean Gene Leather
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The MGL “Shooter’s” belt is a dual layer of top grain leather. Giving a desirably stable belt to support holsters-either OWB or IWB- yet comfortable to the feel. Its combination of the two layers of 7/8oz and 8/9oz leather delivers just over a 1/4” thickness. The Shooter’s belt is reinforced between the two layers of leather to add strength and reduce the amount of stretching as time passes. Each layer is laminated together with industrial strength adhesives, as well as sewn together with #277 bonded threads. It is completed with solid brass or chromed brass buckle and respectably matching Chicago screws. The MGL Shooter’s belt is handmade using US leather. The outer layer is dyed while the inner layer has a clear finish. Finally, the edges are burnished and the belt is rubbed down, by hand, with Ray Holes Saddle Butter.

**Sizing is determined by size of pants you wear. For best results in sizing, determine your pants waist size from a new pair of blue jeans as they are more accurate. Waistbands of worn pants tend to stretch.**


**Black Belt Comes with Chrome Buckle**

**Brown Belt Comes with Brass Buckle**