HSGI Denali Chest Rig

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The "Denali" is one of several advanced Chest Harnesses constructed by HSGI. Having more features than any other competitor and unique in most all aspects in chest harness designs. Combined years of experience from our servicemen and HSGI have brought together this advance chest harness system to make a load carrying and mobility more efficient for the operator. Each unit is built by hand, giving the quality and workmanship our customers deserve. What makes the HSGI "Denali" unique is its design.

The ability to carry more gear where it's more accessible and user friendly. Has a smaller pouch to carry either a shotshell carrier insert of smaller map insert. The basic item loadout that can be carried in the 'Denali' (but not restricted to) are:

  • 12x AR-15/M-16 30 round magazines.
  • 2x GI 2-quart canteens or 2 - Nalgene Bottles or 50 oz. water bladders. (Has shock-cord and cord-lock drawstring system on
  • top of pouch)
  • 4x 9 mm or equivalent pistol magazines.
  • 4x Fragmentation grenades. (Has shock-cord retention as well as a security flap w/ side release buckle. NO SNAPS to break)
  • 2x M-18 smoke grenades.
  • 1x Sabre Radio or Compass/Strobe Light pouch.
  • 1x Set of Ranger Pace Counting Beads.
  • 4x Mesh Pockets ( on back of main body ).
  • Hidden compartments behind Canteen and M-16 pouches.(Space behind Canteen pouches can accommodate large frame/1911 type pistols)

Harness physical features include:

  • Extra wide contoured padded shoulder straps
  • Extra set of side release buckles to allow the attachment of small packs or hydration systems
  • 4x D-Rings mounted on bottom of main body to attach other gear. Such as 40 mm, grenade carrier attachment, drop bags, gas mask

Main Body fully unzips to reveal an insert that is fastened in by hook and loop:

  • 1x Map case 
  • 6x Pen pockets 
  • 5x Pockets to hold misc. gear 

Also has a smaller zip around pouch to hold smaller items/map kits etc. Removable Bottom section (this section is easily removed by means of a zipper):

  • 1x Tubular pouch for sling Rope or tightly rolled up poncho
  • 2x Horizontal pouches for misc. gear. (has shock-cord and cord-lock drawstring system on top of pouch).