Drummond Shooting AR500 Steel Gong - 9"x9"

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Our AR 500 gongs are cut from 3/8″ plate and measure 9″x9″. Bigger and stronger than our AR 450 gongs, these plates weigh nearly 9 lbs. and are designed for larger rounds. The steel can withstand impacts from 7.62×39, .308, .223, .30-06 and more when used at the appropriate distance. With a loud sound that verifies you’ve hit your target, these plates assist you in practicing both close and long-range shooting, improving accuracy and becoming a more effective marksman.

  • for 7.62×39, .308, .223, 30-06 and more
  • positive reaction of sound and movement
  • square holes for carriage bolts – no tools needed
  • neon orange powder coat
  • 90 day warranty
  • manufactured in Canada


AR500 Steel Targets

If you’ve ever shot AR500 steel targets you’ll know why they’re the industry standard.  Unlike mild steel, this super-hard steel can withstand an intense beating.  Rather than allowing bullets to chunk away material or even pass straight through, AR500 steel targets stop rounds dead on impact.  This provides both audible and visual feedback, creating a greatly improved user experience.  It also increases the safety of shooting steel targets drastically.  By maintaining good surface quality – flat, no craters – bullet splatter can be directed towards the ground when hanging targets at a downward angle.  With uneven surfaces and cupped or bent targets (such as mild steel or inferior targets) it becomes very difficult to anticipate bullet splatter direction, and the chances of ricochets increases.  Always choose to shoot targets that are rated for the calibers you use, and always Shoot The Good Stuff™.

Remember: make sure you’re informed about proper gun handling and target use prior to shooting. Read our safety information sheet here.

See It For Yourself

Watch our AR500 steel targets take a beating from .223 and .308. Notice that by using our target stand brackets and hardware packs we created a stand that’s compact and low to the ground, creating a safer shooting environment.  And see each time the gong is hit, dirt flies up from the bullet spalling that has been directed towards the ground.  Regardless of how safe AR500 steel targets can be to shoot, it’s easy to understand why it’s important to direct spalling towards the ground, avoid ricochets, and always wear eye protection!