Mustang Survival HIT Inflatable Life Jacket (Auto Hydrostatic)

Mustang Survival
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The Inflatable Lifejacket with HIT (Hydrostatic Inflator Technology) is the first Transport Canada approved lifejacket in Canada.The Hydrostatic Inflator Technology offers reliable inflation in a low maintenance design that will only automatically inflate when submerged in 4 or more inches of water and not inadvertently due to rain, spray or humidity. Exclusive to Mustang Survival in North America and maintenance-free for 5 years or until inflated. Made for the most severe marine environments the inflatable PFD with HIT will meet the challenges of the most demanding users.


  • Hammar® Hydrostatic Inflator Technology (HIT) will only inflate in 4” or more of water pressure, or when manually activated, and not in rain, spray or high humidity
  • Low-profile inflation handle to prevent snagging and cause inadvertent inflation
  • 38 LBS buoyancy when inflated
  • Durable heavy duty urethane coated nylon outer shell
  • Fast tab on left shoulder
  • SOLAS reflective tape and safety whistle
  • Cylinder is contained within the bladder to protect against corrosion
  • 50 mph dynamic strength-tested construction
  • Approved for use on inspected or uninspected vessels of any size