Monadnock Front Draw 360 Swivel Clip-On Holster For Autolock Batons

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Monadnock® offers a wide selection of baton holders in different styles and materials to fit the needs of each of its batons.
This Front Draw® 360° swivel baton holder is for the AutoLock® batons. It is made from durable polycarbonate with a plain finish, clip-on back and locks in one of 8 positions. The baton may be re-holstered in the locked position either open or closed.

  • 360° swivel capability and 8 locking positions; also available in 45° locking versions
  • Multi-position clip-on holder with molded tension springs for baton security
  • Concave molded bottom to accommodate Power Safety Tip®
  • Convex half moon bottom for standard and Safety Tip® models