InfiRay Jerry Series - C5

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As a Clip-On Thermal Imager, the C5 attaches directly to any user’s existing night vision device and projects a thermal image onto the objective lens which is then projected naturally through the host night vision device, allowing the user to have “the best of both worlds”. The JerryC is compatible with any night vision device that uses PVS-14-style objective lenses via a ring clamp. The JerryC then slides onto a proprietary rail integral to the ring clamp.

The CE2 features a 640 x 512/12µm sensor and 30.5 degrees overlay, allowing the user to detect targets up to almost 1,000. The CE5 is best suited for those seeking a sophisticated thermal overlay solution for their existing night vision system and is seeking increased overlay area over the C2.

Functionally the C5 is identical to the CE5, the critical difference is that the C5 has on-board power AND an outboard battery port (although it does not come with a battery pack), while the CE5 runs of outboard power only.


Attaches Directly to Most Night Vision Systems

With a standard quick disconnect, the C5 interfaces to any night vision devices that also accepts PVS-14 optics, such as DTNVS, Katana, RNVG, Sentinel, PVS-7, etc.

Light Weight & Extended Battery Life

While the C5 has on board power and does not get powered via a battery pack it remains light weight at 110g compared to the CE5's 78g. The C5 also comes with a battery extender which allows the use of longer 18650 batteries for extended run time.

Enhanced Performance

The Jerry CE enhances the functionality of currently fielded NVD's by adding a thermal overlay to the traditional image intensified night vision scene without modifying existing hardware. This addition of thermal imaging capability provides to two major benefits: Thermal detection capabilities while using NVD's and increased situational awareness in extreme low light, no light, or foliated conditions where night vision devices are limited.