Grey Ghost Gear SD Mega GT Sling (COYOTE)

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Whenever a company that makes fast things want the consumer to know they are sporty and fast, we see GT in the name. Originally the abbreviation was for the term Grand Touring, that referred to the item being used for long distances in comfort. The original SDS is a rugged sling that is light weight and very affordable. The SDS-GT combines the same toughness with more weight savings. After adding Machine gun mounts to the engineerings scissor lift, our Warfighting Intern has shaved more critical ounces, still saving the rugged performance that one expects. These ideas came from a need that was communicated to us from the field, and were vetted and validated in a real world deployment. Combining the hypalon base material with tweave and relieving weight by carefully taking away materials we are able to give you one of the lightest yet strongest 2 point rifle slings that you can find. It features a portion of the sling that has loop sewn on it to affix strobes , ID Panels, or Morale Patches. If you want a sling that performs better than its heavy duty brothers, at a fraction of the price, buy the SDS-GT.