BTI Enforcer Tool Kit

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BTI Enforcer Tool Kit

The BTI Enforcer Tool Kit gives you everything you need in a breaching Kit. The kit includes a Mity Mouse Ram, The Hornet Breaching Tool, The BTI Halligan, 24" Bolt Cutters, 2 tool holders and one bolt cutter holder. 

Mity Mouse Ram may be substituted with the Pac Ram or Wasp Ram in any BTI Tool Kit. The Halligan tool may be substituted with the Lite Halligan, and 24" Bolt Cutters for 18" Bolt Cutters in any tool kit. Contact us for a quote on customized substitutions. 

Mity Mouse Ram

The Mity Mouse is the ram of choice for standard field operations (SWAT, ERT, MIlitary). This ram features Jamb Guards for tactical off-hand breaching, preventing the operators from hitting door jambs and over-penetrating the door. The hook-type handles are fully symmetric for left and right handed breaching and are fitted with shock absorbing rubberized hand grips. 

Item #: MMR

hnt r s.jpg

The BTI Hornet is an affordable, light-weight tactical tool that features an extremely durable fiberglass handle. The multi-function head can be utilized as a sledge hammer, halligan tool and hinge raking tool, eliminating the need to carry multiple tools. The Hornet heads are constructed of QPQ- treated, HRc-45 hardened steel and feature a sledge hammer face and dual-split blades, slightly angled, for easy prying of doors and hinges.

Item #: HNT (24" Option) or Item #: HNTC (30" Option)

hal r s.jpg

The BTI Halligan tool head is cast with HRc-45 hardened metal that is QPQ treated for durability and strength. The hardened blade of the halligan head is cast thin for quicker, precise sets into a door or burglar bar frame. Chrome moly steel is used to construct the handles, cast with an aggressive course knurled grip for superb control. The Halligan can be purchased in one or two-piece construction. Our two-piece construction handle features a heavy duty threaded joint that allows for quick assembly and disassembly and makes the tool easy to pack. 

Item #: HALC (2-Piece)​

Item #: HAL (1-Piece)

ctr2 b s.jpg

BTI Bolt Cutters are rugged and dependable, 100% built in the USA. 

Item #: CTR2 (24" handles)

2 tool holders and cutter holder.jpg Included with the Enforcer Tool Kit are two tool-holders and one bolt cutter holder, for easier storage.