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With the addition of our Post Topper hangers, we’re now offering customers the choice to purchase the Speed Stand 2 base on its own.  This allows you to use the sturdy base with the 2×4″ Post Topper to hang our IPSC Octagon and A Zone Targets well as the new 6″ & 8″ Round.  Customers can also purchase the top of the Speed Stand 3 on its own to be used with range-supplied bases.

The Speed Stand 3 is designed to work with both our AR500 Steel Targets and 2/3 IDPA Steel Targets.  We updated our Speed Stand 3 design to offer a simplified, no-tools-required setup and takedown.  The base assembles solidly with only a single detent pin, and the top with four bolts and wing nuts – incredibly simple.  A built-in downward angle helps maintain a safe shooting environment while reducing the forces of bullet impact, prolonging your target’s life.  Sturdy, easy setup, built-in downward angle: it’s the shooter’s choice.

  • all-steel construction
  • easy no-tools setup
  • works with our AR500 gong and 2/3 IDPA target
  • hardware included
  • black textured powder coat
  • 90 day warranty
  • manufactured in Canada


We’ve Got You Covered

Whether your goal is to practise shooting up close and personal, longer distances, or anywhere in between, the Speed Stand 3 is a great solution.  The base, with four points of contact on the ground, remains steadier on uneven terrain when compared with H-style stands.  More versatility is the key when setting up to shoot in varying environments.  The Speed Stand 3 has you covered.

Many shooting ranges are concerned (rightly so) with ricochets and stray bullets.  Our Speed Stand 3 has a built-in downward angle which is crucial in providing safer spalling direction as well as minimizing bullets’ energy at the point of impact.  For close range shooting this is especially relevant.  Please refer to our safety sheet before shooting for instructions on safe target use.

We maintain the same bolt spacing on our AR500 gongs and 2/3 IDPA steel targets so users can shoot whichever style target they prefer.  Swapping back and forth is as easy as two nuts & bolts.

How Do I Set This Up?

Step-by-step assembly instructions complete with images are included with the Speed Stand 3.

To assemble the base consisting of 4 legs and the base hub, start by laying the legs out in formation: long legs to the front, short legs to the back.  Orient the base tube vertically with the logo facing forward.

Starting with the rear right leg, insert it through the base hub until the holes align, then insert detent pin until it catches. Next, insert the front right leg and repeat the process with the detent pin, aligning holes. Follow this with the front left leg, then rear left leg, and push the detent pin through to the other side of hub.If you prefer to insert all legs first then work the detent pin through, this is another good option.

Align target mounting arms back to back, insert bolts, lock washers and tighten nuts until flush with bolt ends.  Use the supplied wing nuts if you’d prefer a no-tools setup and takedown.  Separate the mounting arms and place over top of the 2×4 wood post.  Tighten all four bolts securely (assembly will wedge in place if tilted, allowing you to pick up wrenches for full tightening if using nuts and lock washers).  With assembly tight, you are now able to mount your target with supplied carriage bolts, lock washers and nuts.

 Wood not included.
†† Setups with vertical posts taller than 40″ are more prone to movement than shorter posts, especially when using higher caliber rounds and when using the heavier IDPA target.  To keep movement to a minimum, maintain a lower overall target height as needed.
* Speed Stand 3 comes with lock washers which require wrenches to engage.  Wingnuts can be used as a no-tools option.
** Targets sold separately.