Core Survival HEL-STAR 5 EXO : 3 Function Tactical Strobe Light (Green, White, IR) [MODEL HS-501]

Core Survival
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HEL-STAR 5 EXO® is designed with increased visibility, durability, and water resistance. Other improvements include a decrease in weight and, a noticeably smaller footprint.

Three user-defined operating functions in a variety of colors and IR, as well as flash rates, (including Morse Code & NATO Flash) and select light intensity options.

Models are available in black or tan and can be viewed by clicking on the product flyer below. Other tactical light functions are available upon request by users.


HEL-STAR 5® EXO is an expanded three function, low profile LED marker light designed specifically for snag free mounting on helmets. Used extensively throughout military freefall for HAHO/HALO; the HEL-STAR 5® EXO has also proven valuable for other airborne and ground operations. Its conformal design allows for alternative marking applications on aerial delivery, vehicles, outerwear and equipment. Velcro® interfaces make for quick installation without tools or hardware, reducing snag hazards, while providing easy detachment by users.

Detented sliding switches offer positive visual and tactile confirmation of ON/OFF status and operating mode. HEL-STAR 5® EXO is available with any combination of RGB, White or IR LED’s– flashing or steady. It’s IFF capabilities are enhanced by flexible programming, featuring unique, user-defined flash rates or codes. Field replaceable lithium CR123 cells ensure long life and excellent cold temperature operation. HEL-STAR 5® EXO eliminates the need for multiple items on the helmet by combining the capabilities of a strobe and chem-light into one fully functional device. HEL-STAR 5® EXO was designed for easy operation with gloved hands in the blind.

The HEL-STAR 5 EXO from CORE Survival is a unique signal device that allows for a multitude of mounting options airborne, seaborne, and ground operations.  It is extremely durable and user friendly.  Able to be mounted on top-of and behind helmets, the mode switching is easily accomplished without looking.  Detents are positive and stiff, requiring a deliberate action to switch modes.  This is also important in making sure that the unit is not accidentally activated.  The HEL-STAR 4 is a great signal light for users who need a simple device without a lot of fuss.  Please check the chart graphic to determine which model fits your needs.