Modlite Handheld 18650 Light Body Package

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The Modlite handheld 18650 Handheld Body and Tailcap package is designed to fit all Modlite heads and is also a direct replacement body for Surefire® Scout Light M600DF weapon lights and KE2-DF heads.

Lithium CR123 cells are not supported and if used will cause the cells to heat up and possibly explode or catch fire. We recommend our Modlite Protected Cells.

  • Weight (W/O Battery): 2 oz
  • Width/Diameter: 1" (no head)
  • Length (no tailcap): 3 3/8 " (no head)
  • Length + Clicky Tailcap: 3 7/8 " (handheld clicky)


Please note this item is just a light body and is not a complete light.