ESSTAC Boar Hydration Carrier

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Water bladder loops velcro ideal to be attached to a "Padded Harness" of ESSTAC.

The main characteristic is that you can hook and unhook your Boar Hydro from your back in full autonomy.
In this way you'll never have to ask for help when you have to catch material like when you wear a MAP or a backpack.
We can also use this feature to lighten quickly when needed, or to get on cars without thickness on the back.
Opening Zip, Cordura waxed inside. Front covered with pals springs and equipped with Velcro to the application of their credentials.

ATTENTION: buying a Esstac Boar Hydro the attachment sleeves ( code 11010408 ) are included so you don't need to order them separately.

Dimensions: 17" x 10" x 1,6"