ESSTAC Boar A-1 Split Front 8 Mag Chest Rig

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The Esstac Boar holds up to 8 M4 magazines internally, with or without Magpuls. These integral mag pockets have open bottoms so sand, dirt or water drains immediately. Great for operations ranging from amphibious to mounted and urban. 16 PALS channels to mount your other pouches. Side-release buckles at all strap attachment points for easy on/off. If a different capacity chest rig is needed, the Boar has 2 more M4 pouches, and a total of 24 PALS channels, while the Trim Bush has 4 M4 pouches.

One of the most innovative features of the Boar system is that the integral mag pouches can be removed and swapped out for a different configuration or weapon system. This makes the Boar the only chest rig that is truly a system and more versatile than any other rig on the market.

Got multiple weapons? Here`s a sample of how the Boar can adapt to your needs. Take the Bush Boar in the 5.56 configuration, which will hold 6 mags. Then add the 7.62 back panel and AK flaps. The back panels can be swapped out quickly and this would give you complete coverage for 3 weapons systems. Since the front remains intact, you don`t have to move utility pouches from one rig to another, or buy multiple complete rig setups!

All Boar Series Chest rigs are Upgradeable with Kydex "Kywi" inserts. These inserts are user replaceable and offer an open topped pouch with full retention of the magazine. Available for both 556 and 762 backpanels.

This A1 Split version has a zip and two fastex to open the chest from the front of it.