Arrowhead Coffee Company Sampler Pack

Arrowhead Coffee Company
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✅ Original - The smooth taste of this blend is as easy as putting pants on and will keep you coming back for more. Divers Brew is full of flavour, bold with smooth tasting. Perfect at homebrew whether you’re warm or cold and an amazing gift for the people in your life that may have deserved it!

✅ Cleared Hot - Whether at home being a lazy sack, or brewing up in the patrol base at zero dark stupids, Arrowhead Espresso blend coffee "cleared hot" is going to smoke check your taste buds. With its dark roast and bold flavour, this coffee will hit you like a 2000lb JDAM smashing its target...with a BANG!!

✅ Gazer - HA!... Ball "Gazer"! Yes, we're immature, and we caught you looking. That's two punches for us, but don't worry this delicious medium blend won't trick you, it'll punch you right in the flavour maker.

✅ Salute Blend - From the deepest, darkest corners of South America, we present our new medium roast to you - Salute coffee blend. A unique coffee with amazing, nuanced flavours and balanced sweetness.